Financial Aid



Luria is pleased to be able to offer families financial assistance.  In order to apply for aid, all families must submit an application through FACTS.  Applications will then be evaluated by Luria’s Financial Aid Committee, and rewards will be granted according to need.

To apply, please follow this link and either make a new or sign-in to a FACTS account.

Applications will be reviewed with 2017 tax returns and a 2018 W2.  2018 tax returns must be submitted before April 12, 2019.

Our calendar allows adequate time for FACTS to process financial statement applications, return the data to the school, and for the school to review the data and carefully assess each family’s situation.

Applications Due Notice Received
January 15th February 9th


For more information about Luria’s process, visit our FAQ’s page.



FACTS has a 24 hour help line should you run into any trouble.


If you have questions about Luria’s financial aid process,
please contact Chaya,