Financial Aid at Luria Academy 2019 – 2020

Who can apply for aid at Luria Academy?
Any student enrolled in or applying for admission to Luria Academy beginning in the 3-4 class, may apply for financial aid. Families with children in the 2-3 class who also have additional children in the school, may apply for all their children.   

Does applying for financial aid affect admissions to Luria Academy?
Applying for financial aid has no effect on admission to Luria Academy. 

How does my family apply for financial aid?
All families, current and new, must submit an application, on-line, through FACTS. The link will become available on 12/1/2018. All forms are due by January 15th, 2019.

How much assistance will I qualify for?
Each application is reviewed individually and decisions are made based on all available information submitted to FACTS.  We can only determine eligibility with a completed and processed application. 

What percentage of students at Luria Academy receive financial aid?
Approximately 40%.

What about financial aid if I am separated, divorced or never married?
The school considers the financial resources of all living parents, step parents and domestic partners, and requires the cooperation of all parties before financial aid awards are determined. Both custodial and non-custodial parents must apply for financial aid.  Applications may be entirely separate or be completed jointly.  This information is collected to determine the ability, not the willingness, of all parties to financially support the education of their children. 

The school is not bound by any disclaimers of financial responsibility or legal arrangements that may bind either parent.  Luria Academy does not act as an intermediary between parents and asks that all parties involved communicate directly with each other regarding the education of their children. 

Should I complete multiple applications if I have more than one child applying for financial aid?
Only one financial aid application is required per family.

Will my financial aid documents be secure with FACTS?
FACTS policy: Data collected and stored by FACTS Management Company (the “Company”) through the above products is governed by your Institution’s privacy policy. This data will not be used by the Company in any manner not approved by the Institution unless required by law (for example, a court order or subpoena). Access to the data shall be restricted to authorized associates and shall be used only for the purpose of providing service to you or the Institution. The Company maintains physical, procedural, and electronic safeguards to protect data from being accessed by unauthorized third parties.

What if my application is submitted after the January 15th deadline?
Applications received after the deadline risk a reduced award or not being funded.  In addition to completing the application on-line, you must submit a letter of appeal to the Head of School.  The Head of School will submit the letter on your behalf to the financial aid committee.

What if I feel my award is not sufficient?
All families may appeal their award by writing a letter to the Head of School.  The Head of School will submit your letter to the Financial Aid Committee and they will review the award. 

Will the school let me know if my application is incomplete or needs corrections?
We will inform you once by email and once by phone if your application is incomplete.  The ultimate responsibility of completing the application rests with the family.

My 2018 Federal Tax return is not complete; can I wait until after the January 15th deadline to submit the application?
Applications will be reviewed with the 2017 Federal Tax return and a 2018 W2.  You must submit your 2018 Federal Tax return no later than April 12, 2019. 

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?
FACTS has a 24 hour help line.  Call 888-315-9262.
Contact Bill Manke at bill@luria-academy.org, if you have any questions related to Luria’s financial aid process.