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Week 2: We traveled to Antarctica!

Just as we expected, the weather in Brooklyn turned hot and sticky so it was the perfect time to head to Antarctica. We explored the continent of ice the entire week; enjoy reading about and viewing our icy experiments!

Throughout the day we practiced raising quiet, patient hands to take turns sharing our thoughts and listening to each other. We continued working on our number recognition while reviewing our calendar dates from last week through Monday. We will continue doing this every day, to build our excitement around counting. We read the numbers, counted and thought about what number would come next. We got to clap/stomp/shake out today’s amount (6!) with our bodies, and then we “wrote” the number in the air.

It was special to watch all 15 children in their red pinnies head to Underhill. After a glorious day at the park, we began discussing weather. We compared the weather in Brooklyn today to the weather in Antarctica.

We looked at a globe and explained what a globe is, we had time to think about the idea of a globe and then we listed places we knew and wondered if we could find those places on the globe. Finally, we had a ball with Coach Ronnie when we had gym outside in the yard with him! (See below for details.)

It was very exciting to begin exploring ice. We held some ice cubes, noticed them dripping and wondered what happens to ice as it melts and what ice is made of. The friends had comments such as:

–       It’s so cold
–       It feels nice
–       My hand hurts from it
–       It’s slippery!
–       I can’t pick it up

We discussed what we might need if we wanted to make ice pops, and we decided to start with water. We each placed water in a cup and wrote out names on spoons which would be our handles. We left them in the freezer overnight to see what would happen.

We learned the song: “This Little Light of Mine” which quickly became a Kachol favorite, we sang it to/from Underhill Park where we had a blast in the sprinklers! We learned this song in relation to the summer sun in Antarctica, its light is out all day and night long!

We also read “Mama, Do you love me?” by Barbara Joosse about an Inuit mother and daughter, the icy backdrop of this story from Alaska helped us imagine the cold world of Antarctica.

It was time to take out the water we placed in the freezer yesterday and see if it met our predictions. The children were consumed with excitement when they discovered the success of their experiment. The water was no longer a liquid they could pour, it was now ice, a hard solid! The water turned into ice pops, the children had a blast eating it, drinking it, licking it, rubbing it on their bodies to notice how cold it was. They watched their ice melt and experimented with whether it melted faster in the sun or the shade. Some children decided to use the ice to write on our outside play space. The children’s fascination with ice continued as they watched the ice melt, get smaller, feeling the cool ice on their skin, watching drops form and noticing how the ice dripped on their shirts and shoes.

We started our day by cutting peach slices for a totally different kind of ice pop now that we understood a bit better what plain water is capable of doing when frozen. Friends cut pieces of the peaches themselves, with great care, using plastic knives. We then poured in some yogurt and blended it for our end-of-the-day treat.

Before we knew it, it was time to head out for our first ride in the red 6-seat buggies with our friends and Ben’s mom as our chaperon, thank you Rachel! And thank you to the friends who loaned us additional double strollers (Lavie and Emily’s families) to make the ride smooth for all. It was special to sit with so many friends at the same time! We enjoyed snacks during our stroller ride to the Gardens. We were true nature explorers as we looked, smelled, touched and manipulated all the things we saw out in nature at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. As we worked with the water pump and built some aqueducts Frankie’s voice rang out joyfully sharing what many of us felt touching the cool water: “So fun! This is so much fun!” Before we knew it we headed out of the garden and back to the buggies. Ben’s parting words for the Discovery Garden inside the Botanic Garden was: “This is my favorite place in the world.“  On the way back we took turns sharing what we saw with our friends as we enjoyed our delicious lunches riding back in style to Luria with a special treat, one of the buggies was fueled by Ben’s dad, Adam.

Luckily, when we woke up we had the most delicious ice pops, made by the Kachol friends! We loved eating the yummy frozen treat after our rest time.

At the end of the day we headed to the playground, and Jose joined us to give us a lesson in how to inflate our backyard balls. It was so fascinating to touch and feel and see the special tool Jose used to fix the balls so we could play with renewed vigor, they certainly bounced better – thank you Jose!

We cut and squeezed strawberries and blueberries to mix them together. Then we squeezed oranges on top of the berries for more fresh flavor. The kids were so excited to cut carefully, and then mash the fruits together in a cup. They were particularly interested in seeing what happens when they squeezed an orange slice….out came liquid! Some friends thought the liquid that came out was water at first, but then other friends decided it was orange juice! Then we froze these healthy creations to see how they’d turn out.

We headed to our second trip of the week singing “This Little Light of Mine” and “Apples and Bananas.” Our trip to the Met Food Market was fascinating and fun as we saw all the delicious foods we like to eat! Shouts of “I know what that is!” and “We have that in my home!,” filled the aisles as friends were thrilled to notice familiar foods. It was delightful! We said a big thank you to (big) Frank at Met Foods for his super fun tour, and we loved being able to touch the items in the store and notice where all our yummy foods come from!

When we returned we found our music teacher Joanne ready for us (See below for details).

We had some art time during the day using a salad spinner, paint and paper plates. Check out the photos below to witness our awesome works of art! The children enjoyed spinning the art using their strong muscles and then observing how the colors mix and blend!

We learned to sing the “Bananafana Name Game” and loved eating our frozen fruit treats for snack at the end of the day! Turns out we’re very good chefs!

Highlights from Gym with Coach Ronny:
We warmed up and stretched outdoors to get ready to play our sports. We practiced setting up and kicking field-goals. Each camper had a kicking tee and an inflatable football. We focused on running and kicking for height.  We ended with a running back relay race. Enjoy some photos of our bear crawl action as well!

Highlights from Music with Joanne:
Since the children learned about China last week, we made a music garden where we discovered some dragon eggs. We made a song from a poem in the book, “The Dragons are Singing Tonight,” and the children took turns playing it on the autoharp.

Then we built a garden out of soft foam squares. We sang a song about friends working together and placed bells and dragon eggs (egg shaker) inside the “garden.” Then we danced with rainbow ribbons; it was a slow movement dance to Gamelan (Indonesian) music, and then we tried some fast fiery moves with running-in-place steps!