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Room on the Bench: A Project of the Luria Academy of Brooklyn works to transform the experience of students with special needs and their families into one that fully integrates them as members of the Jewish day school community, collaborating with schools to create an inclusive environment through modeling best practices, online guides, and consulting services.

Room on the Bench works within existing frameworks and engages teachers, outside service providers, and parents, to create more integrated schools. The project is grounded in the belief that students with special needs belong in our classrooms, at our play dates, and at our birthday parties, as full members of Jewish Day School communities.

To learn more about Room on the Bench’s services, please click here or email dana@luria-academy.org. To learn about Room on the Bench in the Press, click here.




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Dana Keil imageDana Keil is the Director of Room on the Bench. She is a certified Special Education teacher in New York for grades 1-12 and in Massachusetts for ages 3-21. She is trained in ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis), CALM Verbal, CALM Physical as well as CPR/AED and MAT for infants and children. Dana has a B.S. in Severe Special Education from Boston University and an M.S. in Special Education with a focus on Behavior Disorders from Hunter College.

Previously, Dana was a Special Education science and English teacher for grades 10 and 11 at The Urban Assembly School for Green Careers in Manhattan. In Massachusetts, she worked to better implement inclusion at the John D. Runkle School in Brookline, and worked at The New England Center for Children, a residential school for students with Autism located in Framingham.